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Not in Milan? Send us your garments.


A few simple rules on how to ask for our services.
We ask you to read and follow these simple indications:

Contact us by email or telephone for a preliminary description of the kind of damage, and to inform us that you intend to ship to us your personal items.
If it is not convenient for you to arrange an appointment, we strongly encourage you to email us high definition pictures of the damaged area.

How we work
Each fabric is unique. It is very difficult to define a price list, and the processing time.
The feasability of the repair, the results, and the expense depend on many factors such as the extent of the damage, its location, the kind of weaving and the type of yarn.
For these reasons, we need to analyze with our own eyes the extent and the characteristics of the damage to the fabric, in order to provide you with a correct estimate of feasability, time and cost of repair.

Seeing the item
Your garment must be delivered at our atelier by appointment.
If you cannot meet us in person, please call or email us to find an arrangement. You can also ship us your garment if you wish.
We strongly encourage you to email us high definition pictures of the damage prior to shipping. We will povide you with a preliminary estimate and indications regarding feasability of repair.

Estimate, costs and time
Once we will have received your garment we will provide you the final cost estimate, leaving you free to decide whether to repair it or not. If you choose not to proceed you can come and pick up your garment or we will ship it back to you upon payment of postage.

Minimum processing time
The minimum time for a repair is 15 working days (excluding shipping time).

All expenses are charged to the customer. We ship with Italian Postal service, TNT Traco, Federal Express, UPS and other couriers. We can also use your subscription to any shipping compay if you wish.

Payment terms of service
We accept cash, bank transfer, Paypal, or money transfers such as Western Union and Moneygram.
Contact us for our details.